october 11th

-- new layout ♥

october 10th

-- 2 halloween brush packs

october 9th

-- 12 halloween fonts
-- 15 halloween colours

october 6th

-- 4 border psds
-- 7 sign decos

october 3rd

-- 15 halloween colours
-- opened c:

Sure I can accept that we're going nowhere;

My first week back at uni was intense. I have to much work to do, it's actually unreal! This weekend though, I decided to get some updates done. You may notice that I already have a new layout. I kind of regret putting it up so soon, because I loved my last one, but I couldn't resist ha!

Recently I've been practicing in AI making photoshop brushes. I still don't really know what I'm doing, just winging it really, but it's a lot of fun so I'm going to carry on focusing on those. I have a few brushes that I need to cluster, then they'll be going up on the site. c:

I'm still looking for affies too, so please leave me a message in the cbox or on fb ♥

I'm gunna trade this life for fortune and fame;

Hey guys c; aria here, formally of cherrybow.net. A lot of the content on cherry bow was old and needed updating, & i'd also been planning a revamp for months but everything was such a mess that i cba, so I decided to start over with a new site and sitename! I may reopen cherry bow in the future, I may not - who knows!

Anyway, it's actually a really bad time for me to decide to open another site, as I'm starting back at university tomorrow. I'm in my second year so it's really important that I work super hard this year as my marks go towards my final grade at the end of year three. For this reason, I probably won't be really active, but I'm planning to update on the weekends.

This weekend coming I'm planning on adding some Halloween content, so check back then for some spooky resources :D

Hope everyone's good, & please apply to be affies in the cbox as it's looking pretty empty atm ♥